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For whatever reason, the man who is both bald and bearded always seems to give off a hint of brutality. It’s not clear why, but just look at any of these bald and bearded men and you’ll see a common thread.

Whether it’s Jeff Bridges in Iron Man, John Travolta in From Paris with Love, Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad, or Edward Norton in American History X, there is something about being bald and bearded that just exudes power and masculinity.

Going Bald? Take Control

If you’re going bald but still holding onto hope and the last few strands of hair clinging to an otherwise smooth terrain, it’s probably time to start considering whether you should shave your head.

Instead of trying to camouflage your dome under the couple remaining hairs, take that balding by the horns and shave it clean.

It will instantly make you look more clean-cut and for a lot of older men, shaving makes them look younger without the grey.

Thinking of Bald Head With Beard

Look at Bruce Willis.

He’s been bald for decades but because of his relatively un-lined face, he’s had women of several generations fawning over his bald good looks.

Bald and bearded Bruce Willis

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Going bald and bearded though is an even more bold look that the Die Hard actor has flexed a few times, and it’s an especially powerful look for men who are starting to bald.

The bald head on its own already looks tough with the ridges of skull showing under the skin, and add to that a thick beard, and suddenly it’s not an aging man you see but an older man with years of strength and virility.

The Many Faces of Bald and Bearded Men

Despite the limitations of the bald head, there have been some creative approaches to the bald-and-bearded combo in recent years. One recent popular trend is the bald head with beard fade.

In addition to the fade, there are three classic bald-with-beard styles: bald with goatee, bald with stubble, and bald with full beard.

A goatee already adds some sharpness to the wearer’s face with its clean lines and pointed tips.

The bald and goatee look has been sported by John Travolta, Bryan Cranston, and other celebrity men when they need to portray hard men in a hard world.

There are multiple types of goatees, so it helps to look through a guide to find the best one for your face type.

For bald heads and short beards especially, it helps to be get the right short beard style for your face shape.

Men with weaker chins, for instance, will want a thicker beard to give the impression of a more robust jawline.

A pointed goatee can also help extend the jawline. In addition, the soul patch in a goatee accentuates the jaw line and chin.

Sexy Action Hero: Bald with Stubble

The bald look with stubble is still just as powerful and intense as the other bald and bearded looks.

The beard and stubble power duo is the kind of style that Jason Statham rocks in basically every action film he’s ever starred in.

In addition, stubble is seductive to a lot of women, and coupled with a bald head, you could be the hero of your own action movie.

To keep the fine balance between a bald head and a consistent stubble, it helps to have a decent stubble trimmer.

Powerhouse Combo: Bald and Fully Bearded

The most intense look is going to be bald and fully bearded.

The contrast between the long beard and bald head allows them to complement each other, so that the fullness of the beard makes the fine ridges of the skull stick out.

Jeff Bridges in Iron Man conveyed his powerhouse aura by adopting this look for the film.

A full beard gives you plenty of options to try variations of long beard styles.

Since the bald head looks so clean cut, it’s a good idea to maintain that neat look by regularly trimming and maintaining the long beard.

Beard oil is great to have for long beards because it helps keep the beard from becoming unruly.

The same goes for a beard comb. Combing your beard helps keep it untangled and as sharp looking as the bald dome.

Bald, Black and Bearded

Different takes on the bald and bearded look have also been popular amongst many black men. In addition to the beard fade, the bald and bearded look has been popularized, most notably by the rapper Common.

Going bald doesn’t have to be something to resign one’s self to.

Some men choose the look even if they aren’t bolding because they understand that the look exudes strength and power. So, grow a beard and shave the head, and take control by going bald and bearded.

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