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Willard Carroll Smith Jr., better known as will Smith, is a multi talented American actor. He started his journey as a rapper and in course of time gained immense popularity as a songwriter, comedian, producer, and of course an actor.

His work has allowed him to remain significant for three decades and have fans in all corners of the globe. His current net worth is $250 million.

Will Smith Career: The High Points

Will Smith career is not only long, but is also full of accomplishments. Smith began his journey during the 80s.

The late 80s saw him become famous under the stage name of The Fresh Prince, a rapper. Smith’s popularity sore dramatically when he acted in the famed TV series titled The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

His tryst with the NBC TV series continued for six years i.e. till 1996. Smith took little time to transition from TV to film after that.

To date, he has acted in a number of blockbuster films. There was a time when eight consecutive films of Smith grossed more than $100 million domestically, which is still an unsurpassed feat.

He also holds the record of starring in 11 consecutive films that grossed a sum of more than $150 million globally.

This amazing track record of Smith forced Forbes to declare him as the world’s most bankable actor.

Most Notable Events and Achievements in Smith’s Career

The year 2007 saw the Newsweek call Will Smith Hollywood’s most powerful star. Other than winning four Grammys, Smith has also been nominated twice for Academy Awards and five times for the Golden Globe Awards.

Will Smith Nominations

Photo from: cleverst.com

Internationally, he is famous primarily for being the protagonist in the Men in Black movie franchise. The approximate collective box-office earning of the franchise to date is a whopping $620,130,196.

The other most celebrated movie of Smith is surely Pursuit of Happyness. The film was released in 2006 and got nominated for a number of prestigious honors.

It even ended up being selected as the “movie of the year” at the Capri Award ceremony.

The twenty plus years he has spent in Hollywood also saw him grab other prestigious awards like the Bet Award and Saturn Award.

The coming years also appears to keep Smith as busy as he has been during the past twenty years. He will be voicing the spy Lance Sterling in the movie Spies in Disguise (scheduled to be released in January, 2019).

Next, we will see him portraying the Genie in Guy Ritchie’s adaptation of the legendary Disney story Aladdin (the film will be released in May, 2019).

Will Smith: the Style Icon

It would not be wrong to call Will Smith one of the most followed Hollywood stars as far as style is concerned.

He is capable of sporting both formal and casual look with equal vigor and ease. You will see him wearing red and pink suits at award ceremonies and carry them of like no other star has ever done.

He also looks hot in his casual tees. You will also love the way Smith uses fashion accessories. The stylish hats, leather belts, light colored shoes he wears play vital roles in making Smith one of the most followed fashion icon of current times.

Will Smith - most followed fashion icon of current times

However, the biggest talking point has always been the famous goatee of Smith.

The size and shape of Smith’s goatee has kept changing, but the fascinating impact it has on the onlookers has remains the same.

He has also kept changing his hairstyle to match his ever evolving goatee.

Will Smith Beard: How to Achieve the Look?

Will Smith beard has always been a sensation. He is surely one of the best-looking bearded black men you would ever come across. Smith is often said to have the most attractive goatee beard.

Over the years, we have seen him give a number of fresh twists to the traditional goatee look.

What’s amazing is that each of these changes has managed to gain immense popularity both among the young and old.

Will Smith Beard: How to Achieve the Look

Do you want to look as cool as Smith by imitating different beard styles of his? If yes, the steps below would surely help you.

You will learn that there’s more to getting perfect beard than buying one or more of the top 5 beard combs reviewed and reading an article about beard vitamins.

Step 1: Sport the Bald and Bearded Look

To achieve this look, you will have to let go of your hair. However, you will definitely not repent the decision as the bald and bearded look would make you look more striking than eve before.

It would be wise for you to adopt this look if you want to look attractive and wild at the same time. Make sure that your beard is thick as it would be the most vital facial feature you would have once the hair is gone.

Also, don’t forget to keep the beard nicely groomed. Use a top-rated beard oil to get a fuller beard.

Step 2: You Can Get the Heavy-on-the-Chin Bearded Look

To achieve this look, you will have to leave your beard significantly thicker on your chin. Your mustache, on the other hand, should not be grown longer than the stubble-length.

If you are in your late 40s or 50s, you can also try the salt and pepper colored beard; this will allow you to portray that you aging gracefully.

Will Smith - Get the Heavy-on-the-Chin Bearded Look

Here also, shaping beard to get perfect neckline is extremely important.

Step 3: Try the Perfect Goatee

As its name suggests, the perfect goatee will require you to keep your beard perfectly shaped and trimmed.

In order to enhance your perfectly groomed look, your facial hair must have uniform length all over. Smith prefers keeping his beard square shaped when sporting a perfect goatee; you can also do the same as it would make your jawline appear stronger.

To allow your goatee to be as attractive as that of Will Smith, you must clean it regularly with a high quality beard shampoo. Also, apply a quality conditioner on a regular basis.

Regular combing is a must if you want your goatee to look healthy and appealing.

A quality beard oil or homemade beard balm can help you in keeping your beard tangle-free. Using these items would become even more important if you have a thick goatee.

Be sure to check out Will Smith’s new channel on YouTube. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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