Henry Cavill’s Journey to a Superhero Role and How To Accomplish His Manly Beard

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Henry Cavill is a British actor known for playing Superman in the recent reboot.

Cavill had also played a few minor roles in TV series and movies and had gathered quite a loyal following, especially among female fans.

However, it was his portrayal of this iconic superhero that made him a global superstar.

Henry Cavill’s Career

Henry Cavill’s rise to stardom was typical – minor roles in small movies and TV series like The Count of Monte Cristo, Hellraiser: Hellworld, and the Midsomer Murders, followed by more noticeable performances in mainstream hits like The Tudors and the Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Cavill often admits that he was a hefty child growing up, and this made him a target for bullies at school.

It was not until he turned 17 when he played a role in The Count of Monte Cristo that he started losing pounds and shedding his fat kid nicknames.

In his interviews, Cavill has shared that it was a meeting with Aussie actor Russell Crowe, who was filming Proof of Life in his campus, that gave him the first glimpse about acting.

Today, Cavill is best known for playing Superman in the DC Extended Universe, a role which he held since 2013 with Man of Steel, followed by 2016 hit Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

He reprised this role in Justice League in 2017.

Henry Cavill’s Classy English Style

Henry Cavill is an Englishman through and through, so you know that he would never be caught looking unkempt and grungy.

Even while sporting a beard in preparation for a new movie, Cavill has managed to keep his neat and classic style intact.

This British actor himself told journalists that he loves sporting a classic English style and that he enjoys the classic cut, with a little bit of luxury thrown in.

For casual days, he has been spotted wearing the quintessential checkered man’s shirt over a pair of comfy jeans.

Henry Cavill's Classy English Style

He has also shared that his go-to shirt was a navy and green checkered number by Anto of LA.

For chilly days or nights, he pairs this casual ensemble with another favorite staple, a Tom Ford jacket that is lined with beaver fur and suede.

However, it’s on the red carpet where Cavill’s English style really shines.

He is a fan of tailored, bespoke suits, and is usually dressed by Savile Row clothier Gieves & Hawkes which specializes in bespoke suits.

Sharp, tailored and clean lines with luxurious fabrics and understated accents bring out the British elegance that allows him to dominate any red carpet he steps into like a boss.

How to Grow Henry Cavill’s Beard

Cavill is not one of the actors that shy away from total transformations when prepping for roles, which is why he has been spotted sporting a full, thick beard.

It took him one year to grow a full, long beard in preparation for his role in Mission Impossible: 6.

However, if you want to sport this style yourself, there are some steps that can help you do so in a matter of months.

First off, it is important to know if full and long beard styles are right for you.

After all, you are going to let the beard take over almost half of your face, so you have to know what are the best beard styles for your face shape.

How to Grow Henry Cavill's Beard

A full, long beard works for Cavill because he has a long face, a defined chin, and a sharp jawline. This look may not be as flattering on, say, someone with a round face and soft features.

Now that we got that out of the way, you can start growing your beard. It may take you a few months to grow a thick, full beard, and maybe one month more to grow it long.

Keep it healthy with the use of natural beard oils to moisturize the skin and make your beard soft. Comb regularly to promote circulation, which supports hair growth.

A wooden beard comb is often a great tool especially when paired with unscented beard oil if you want natural, chemical-free beard grooming.

Trimming and Shaping Tips

Trimming a big beard is often easier than trimming and shaping a stubble but it will take longer.

Having the right beard grooming tools ready can help keep the grooming time to a minimum, so it is best to first lay out all the tools you need for the task.

Those tools include a quality beard oil, a good beard comb, a trusty beard shaping tool and a quality pair of grooming scissors, trimmer or shaver.

Make sure to look for top electric beard trimmers because you want this tool to be durable and precise. Wash your beard with warm water to soften the skin and hairs.

Use your comb to remove any tangles and inspect your beard’s length. Start along the jawline, combing against the grain to see if there are hairs that tend to stick out.

Use beard grooming scissors to cut hairs that are too long and outside of your desired shape.

From time to time, use the comb and your fingers to style the beard according to the shape you want. Move to the sideburns and your mustache.

By using the comb and grooming scissors, snip here and there to remove any stray hairs that may have left.

Trimming and Shaping Tips

Use clippers with a high guard number to smooth out the hairs connecting your sideburns and beard, which will create a smooth and neat transition.

For the mustache, comb the hairs on the upper lip downwards and trim using the upper lip as a guide. You should trim the mustache just below the lip line.

A full beard works best with a natural looking neckline. If you are wondering where is the beard neckline, it is the area just under your neck reaching down to Adam’s apple.

Comb upwards and use a clipper with a medium guard to even out the length of hairs in this area and remove scruff. Finally, clean up the beard by removing stray hairs.

Use a clipper without a guard to shave around the perimeter of the neckline and along the cheeks, going in the direction of hair growth.

Maintaining Henry Cavill’s Beard

A full beard is relatively easy to maintain. Groom twice a week or visit a pro barber to clean your beard once a month.

Most importantly, keep basic grooming tools by your side so you can keep your beard moisturized and healthy while doing light trims when needed.

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