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Irish Beard

What Is an Irish Beard

Irish beard is easy to distinguish through its ginger or reddish-orange color. While you can have this beard style in any length, shape, and size using the world’s best beard trimmer, it is instantly recognizable as one designated explicitly for Irish men because of its unique color. It may also hold a slight ginger color when worn by those with blonde or brown beards.

Benefits of an Irish Beard

Sporting an Irish beard is like growing an Asian beard in the sense that it carries its benefits. Among these benefits are:

Unique and Recognizable

With the distinctive color of the Irish beard, it is indeed easy to recognize it. It can give your look a more unique and distinct vibe, which is excellent if you want your masculinity and Irish descent to be quickly recognized or easily remembered.

Can Be Styled in Different Ways

The Irish beard is a beard style that has different types/variations. This means it lets you style it in different ways. Just choose a beard shaping tool that works best for you or a pair of premium beard scissors, and you will get to style your Irish beard just the way you want to.

Can Be Worn in Any Length and Size

You can make your Irish beard grow in any size and length you want. This means you can choose which one you think you can comfortably and confidently carry. Just don’t forget the importance of utilizing the right beard shampoo, so the beard will turn out great.

How Does an Irish Beard Work

The Irish beard works by giving men wearing this facial hair style a more fascinating and masculine look. It is a trendy beard style, which helps make any Irish man look as attractive as possible. It also gives them a clean and well-groomed look.

Short History of Irish Beards

Short History of Irish Beards

As the name suggests, the Irish beard started from Irish men. The noticeably red color of this specific beard style could be because of gene mutation. This beard is red as it has high amounts of pheomelanin, a coloring pigment.

Also, almost all Irish ancestors who possessed red hair could be the dominant reason this specific gene still runs up to the present. It is brought even into the recent beard styles of a lot of Irish men.

Pros and Cons of Irish Beard Style


  • Unique and distinctive excellently and recognizably.
  • Easy to wear in various ways, shapes, lengths, and sizes.
  • Trendy and attractive.
  • Can give you a clean and well-groomed look.
  • Compliments the facial features of many men, giving them a more masculine vibe.


  • Some may not feel too comfortable wearing a beard style with a reddish shade.

Types of Irish Beards

Aggressive Look

This specific Irish beard style can display an Irish man’s aggressive facial features. Sport this bold style just by growing a thick beard. This variation also lets you wear this beard style, either messy or slick back.

Thick and Even

You may also use a thick and even style for your Irish beard, which is guaranteed to make you look as attractive to many women as possible. Just make sure to apply beard oil that absorbs very quickly, so you can always sport this style nicely regardless of how thick it is.

Classic Style

It is also possible for you to sport a classic style using the Irish beard. This specific look often gets praises because of its uniquely graceful features. It consists of friendly, well-tamed, and evenly grown facial hair.

Light Stubble

This Irish beard style is ideal for you if you are not fond of wearing a full, bushy, and thick beard. Since it is just light stubble, you can easily groom and maintain it. You can also make this beard style look even better by pairing it up with a brushed-up hairstyle.

Polished and Textured

This specific type of Irish beard is round-shaped and thick. To make it look more polished, trimming the neckline and cheek lines is highly encouraged. To shape your mustache, make sure that it is connected to the hair on your chin. This would be enough to form a more prominent round-shaped beard.

Chest Length

Types of Irish Beards

You can also sport this version of the Irish beard, which resembles the style of the Vikings. It is easy to distinguish with its dense, huge, and bushy nature. This style is challenging to maintain, though. You may need to use a durable beard comb all the time. It is also advisable to put on something to moisturize it to make it look polished and refined.

Long Goatee

This one resembles a full and extended goatee. However, it also has a distinguishable feature, which is the connecting mustache. To carry this look well, your sideburns should be extended while the hair on your cheeks should be completely shaven.


Its patchy look characterizes this style. It reveals a man’s attractiveness and strength. It combines a chin strap goatee and circle beard style as well as unkempt hair on the neck.


It carries the name two-toned as it consists of a red and white beard, an unusual color combination for facial hair but makes someone who sports it look incredible. It appears unkempt but in a good way. The reason is that it requires you to make the hair in the neck and cheek look untrimmed.

Beard With a Handlebar Mustache

If you want your Irish beard to look as elegant as possible, then this one should be your best choice. It looks impressive as it seems to be super-groomed. If you want this look to be stronger and edgier, make your mustache hold the curvy handlebar style.

Beard With a Long Hairstyle

You can leave a good impression of how powerful and strong this last Irish beard style can be. It is characterized by a thick and full ginger beard paired with a long and sleek hairstyle.

How to Grow an Irish Beard

How to Grow an Irish Beard

Step 1 – Pick a style that fits your preference

Ensure that the chosen length, thickness, and shape of your beard perfectly matches and accentuates your best facial features.

Step 2 – Dye your beard

This step may be necessary if you are not naturally of Irish descent, but you want to have a bearded look that these men have. Just dye it to have the distinctive ginger or reddish-orange color to point to the Irish immediately.

Step 3 – Trim and shape now and then

This is crucial in maintaining your desired Irish beard shape and style.

How to Trim and Shape Your Irish Beard

Step 1 – Use a dedicated beard wash

The alternative is a long-lasting beard soap to wash your Irish beard. Dab it dry.

Step 2 – Use a beard comb or brush

Work thoroughly through your beard. The goal here is to remove knots. Ensure that you comb or brush against the grain before trimming it.

Step 3 – Set your clippers at a specific length

Ensure that you do not set it too short as it may only lead to a bad cut and the loss of more beard than intended. Work up against the grain while ensuring that you cover all spots.

Step 4 – Define your cheek and neckline

This should also depend on the beard style you have chosen to sport.

Step 5 – Remove all stray hairs

Cut more if you intend to have a more faded or defined look. You can end the process by putting on a beard balm or oil for long hair if you don’t. You should also use an aftershave that can help bring the best out of your chosen Irish beard style.

Do’s and Don’ts With an Irish Beard


  • Pick an Irish beard style that perfectly matches you. Ensure that the style complements the shape of your face and emphasizes and accentuates your best features.
  • Brush facial hair the right way. It should be in the specific direction you intend it to grow. This is crucial in training the hair follicles as to where they should grow.
  • Exfoliate beard regularly. Use cleansers containing fruit acids or salicylic acid to ensure that the pores will not clog and cause ingrown hairs.


  • Do not ignore the skin beneath your Irish beard. Give it the same care as the actual facial hair by moisturizing it often.
  • Do not overuse beard oil. Just use enough amounts of beard oil to support its healthy growth regardless of the style and length.

FAQ About Irish Beard

Why do the Irish have red beards?

Most Irish have red facial hair or beards mainly because of their hair color genetics. It could also be because their beautiful country, Ireland, does not receive that much sunlight.

Are beards common in Ireland?

Yes, the flaming red beard and hair of the Irish often give away their heritage. Even Irish guys with the blond or dark hair also tend to sport a beard, which is slightly red.

Where does the red beard gene come from?

Red beard is a result of a mutation referred to by researchers as the MC1R gene. If you have two mutated genes, then expect such to give you red hair. However, if you have one of them, you can have that reddish color in places you least expected. One example is in your beard or facial hair.

Who are some celebrities with an Irish beard?

There are a few celebrities who are fond of wearing an Irish beard. Among them are Graham Norton, Shane Lynch, Jamie Dornan, Conor McGregor, and Ned Kelly.


You do not have to come from Ireland for you to sport their one-of-a-kind Irish beard. You can also wear one on your own. What’s excellent about deciding to sport an Irish beard is that this style is attractive, plus it can make you stand out and showcase your masculinity. 

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