Russell Crowe – A Man with Admirable Acting Skills and Stylish Beard

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Aussie actor Russell Crowe is no doubt one of the best male actors ever to make it big in Hollywood.

With over 43 films under his belt coupled with numerous awards and nominations, Crowe is one of the biggest names in the movie industry today.

Early Beginnings, Major Roles, and Notable Awards

Crowe’s first foray into acting came very early when he was just six years old. He was cast to say one line of dialogue in Spyforce, an Australian TV series.

By the age of 16, Crowe’s passion to perform had become full-blown.

He left grammar school to pursue the craft full time, spending a few years in New Zealand dabbling in music before moving to Australia at 21.

Between 1986 to 1988 he landed his first professional acting role in The Rocky Horror Show.

Later on, he appeared in the popular Australian series Neighbors before being cast in his first movie The Crossing.

In 1992, Crowe starred in Romper Stomper for which he won the Best Actor Award at the Australian Film Institute Awards.

Crowe’s local successes gained him the attention of Hollywood directors who cast him for movies such as Virtuosity with Denzel Washington and The Quick and The Dead with Sharon Stone.

After portraying a cybercriminal in Virtuosity, he showed that he can also do romantic flicks with the lead role in Rough Magic with Bridget Fonda and Breaking Up with Salma Hayek.

Early Beginnings, Major Roles, and Notable Awards

Crowe followed these performances with an intense portrayal of a brutal cop Bud White in LA Confidential opposite Kevin Spacey and Kim Basinger.

Later roles paired him with other Hollywood greats such as Al Pacino in The Insider. For the role of Jeff Wigand in this movie he also gained an Academy Award nomination.

While he didn’t manage to win any Oscars for this performance, he eventually won this award for his most notable performance yet, as the lead in Ridley Scott’s Gladiator.

Crowe’s other notable performances include the role of John Nash in the biopic A Beautiful Mind, for which he earned his third nomination for Best Actor.

In 2003, he also played the lead in Master and Commander, followed by Cinderella Man in 2005.

Later performances showed that this actor is consistently bringing his A-game to every role in movies A Good Year, American Gangster, and Body of Lies. He also showcased his solid singing chops in Les Miserables.

One of Crowe’s most recent performances was in the movie Man of Steel, where he played Superman’s father.

In the following years, Crowe played in more big-budget flicks, such as the Biblical epic Noah and The Mummy.

In between, he made his directorial debut in The Water Diviner, a fantasy drama about a father looking for his soldier sons in post-WWI Europe.

His performance in Fathers and Daughters with Amanda Seyfried also allowed the actor to showcase his dramatic acting chops before he embarked on the comedy The Nice Guys opposite Ryan Gosling.

Famous for his love for the partying lifestyle and quick temper, Crowe easily established a reputation of a Hollywood bad boy.

He was quoted saying, “I like villains because there’s something so attractive about a committed person – they have a plan, an ideology, no matter how twisted. They’re motivated.”

This is just one of Russell Crowe’s quotes that gives an insight into how his mind views the characters that he plays.

Russell Crowe’s Fashion Style

Russell Crowe has always sported comfy and laid-back casual ensembles such as cargo shorts and striped polos – style options that any regular guy would wear on a day out.

On the red carpet, Crowe can rock a tailored 3-piece suit like a pro.

He has been spotted at fashion shows such as the Armani Milan Men’s Fashion week where he sported a black overcoat over a light blue shirt and leather gloves.

Suave and sharply-dressed when he needs to be, Crowe is equally comfortable wearing comfy track pants and a hoodie.

Russell Crowe’s Beard Style

Russell Crowe has been seen wearing different variations of facial hair throughout his career, but it’s the medium-full beard that looks the most flattering on this actor.

Russell Crowe's Beard Style

How to Copy Russell Crowe’s Beard Style

First off, a full beard is one of the best beard styles for most guys.

While it is always important to know what’s the best beard type for your face shape, a full beard is flexible enough to be trimmed long or short to fit the shape and length of your face.

It is also important to get your grooming kit ready. You will need a good beard brush or comb, trusty beard trimmer, and beard scissors, and a beard oil, preferably natural unscented beard oil if you want to combine it with a cologne.

Crowe’s beard style is a full beard cut to a short or medium length which means that it will take three to four weeks to grow your facial hair to that length.

However, you can grow a beard faster by brushing or combing your facial hair regularly with a wooden beard comb and by using natural beard oils that can eliminate annoying beard itch.

Trimming and Shaping Tips

Now that you have a full beard, it’s time to trim and shape your facial hair. Use beard scissors and a comb to remove stray hairs and shape the beard along the jaw and chin.

This is a short beard, so you should trim it to about an inch to get a short or medium cut beard.

Use a medium guard size to trim the beard evenly. The shortest guard size should be used to create a beard fade under the chin, cheeks, and over the mustache.

Remove the guard to trim the mustache just over the lips for a neat look.

Use a beard shaper to clean up the underside of the neck. Create a beard neckline yourself or buy a professional beard shaper that can help you trim your beard faster.

A beard shaper can help you create clean and neat lines on both sides of your face, from sideburns to the neckline.

Maintaining Russell Crowe’s Beard

A full, short to medium beard is easy to maintain. Simply run your trimmer over the beard every week to keep your facial hair short and neat.

Crowe sports a few dignified gray hairs on his beard but you can always dye your beard to a more flattering color to make it pop out against your skin tone.

Also, use beard oil after every wash and trim. Beard oil does many things, among which it moisturizes the skin under your beard to prevent its dryness and flaking while at the same time it keeps your facial hair soft.

Whether you prefer the scruffy untrimmed beard or the tidier short but full lumbersexual beard style that Crowe sports, you can easily achieve the beard style you want with a little patience and the right beard grooming tools.

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